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Are you a fin-tech start-up?

If you are a fin-tech start-up company resolved to start your own business but not very sure about how to, we welcome you to JFSB GLOBAL where every aspect that counts to start your fintech lending business is offered to you on a platter.

In other words, we take the panning & implementation period out of your business & set you free to start earning from Day-1.

What is the business we support? We support & promote fintech loans.

We offer a digital (online) loan product which can be approved and disbursed within minutes.

This type of loan is unique in the market worldwide, in the sense that it is a requirement faced by all segments of people and there is hardly anyone to meet these requirements.

It has been so designed that this type of loan stands out as being different from all other loans.

It is not the same as personal loans for long duration but is taken to meet an emergency at home or work.

It is easy to jump the queue and undergo tedious processes of bank loans when you opt for fintech loans.

You start, we provide the success model:

  • We offer you an easy way to set up your fintech lending company and tie up with an NBFC to commence co-lending, strictly in accordance with the RBI norms and compliances.
  • In order to start a fintech company you not only need experience and skill but also the required incubation period for it to finally take off.
  • JFSB GLOBAL is not just a matchmaking platform. It is loaded with experience and skills to set up a fintech-NBFC collaboration and get it running right away. You just pay a small fee for our services and we in turn bear all the tasks on your behalf.
  • We have with us experts who have successfully set up and run fintech businesses deftly and now offers the same expertise and experience to prospective and potential fin-techs to do the same without having to go through the risks and teething problems.
  • The years of experience gathered will be transferred to you so you can start your business as if there is no Incubation  period.

Two-Way Service Model

We will get your company tied up with the right NBFC to set in motion the process of co-lending. Then there will be a two-way approach to handle all the aspects of your business

Corporate and Compliances

This aspect will be handled by our Chartered Accountancy partner firms who will take care of the accounts, compliances, Taxation and other regulatory functions


Operations will involve providing you the services of all the resources required, including IT and Marketing, so you can start your business from Day – 1.

The success model

  • This is the first step to acquiring customers. We have expert digital marketing professionals experienced into the intricate nuances of loan marketing. They are aware of the rules and regulations of all platforms, including Google and Facebook.
  • It is very important to know these and having gone through these experiences in order to ensure sustained marketing, without the risk of suspension by giants such as Google and Facebook.
  • Our team understands that bringing in the right customer leads is the beginning of big business and is well equipped with all the skills to handle any volume of digital marketing.
  • Calling forms an integral part of customer management. It means creating a pleasant first impression on the customer – Reaching out to them at the right time and engaging in such a way that they remain interested then and thereafter. 
  • We have on offer a large and competent tele-calling team with experienced leaders to guide and coach them adequately.
  • Credit Managers are the backbone of the organization. Our large team of credit managers are trained and experienced to sanction unsecured loans for the most unsecured of customers, basis technology and gut feel.
  • Capable of handling large volume of business, this team not only sanctions and disburses loans but establishes and maintains a one-to-one with valued customers.
  • This team prepares daily MIS reports for management and is constantly involved in analysing the customer and their behaviour.
  • Their study comprises analysis of how and why customers take loan, why they default, at what point of time they mostly default, payment behaviour according to income and age groups etc.
  • These results are then utilized to facilitate both Sanction of loan and recovery.
  • This is a tech product and our is a digital loan, wherein the application, sanction and disbursal are all done digitally in matter of minutes.
  • To make the sanction process as accurate as possible, IT has a major role to play. This includes receiving applications and online verification of Credit Bureau reports and bank statements, Digital KYC, online verification of PAN, Aadhaar etc.
  • All these APIs are used for sanctioning
  • Even for disbursal and recovery IT has a major and indispensable role to play.
  • Recovery is a very important aspect of this business since this is an unsecured loan, given digitally to a vulnerable section of the society, who are already burdened with several short- and long-term loans.
  • With tested and proven recovery policies, keeping in mind the RBI directives, we always deliver 98% recovery month-on-month on a sustained basis
  • A team of 20 recovery people will be at your disposal
  • An able management with all-round experience in banking, fintech and business management
  • A team of experience and competent management will constantly be at hand to guide and hand-hold all the way

We are ready to join hands with you. If interested please contact us